“Starter 2” Cuts Errors in the Starting Sequence.
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If the timekeeper uses a hand-held watch, a brief distraction often causes loss of the minute count even though the second count is still obvious on the watch. This may easily happen during the interval while the Preparatory flag is flying, a three minute interval with little action.

“Starter 2” resists such errors; the remaining minutes and seconds are shown conspicuously and upgraded each second.

“Starter 2” is a computer program to assist the timekeeper.
It provides timed prompts for a starting sequence or series of starts.
The state of the start is constantly visible.
Alerts sound for every call of the start sequence.
Prompts in proper language are displayed for each call.
The duration of the sequence, the Class Name, the Preparatory Flag, may all be set.
There are sequences for use following postponement or General Recall.
The sequence may be set to begin at a specific time or immediately.

It produces a digital display of time-of-day, in either Civilian or Military format.
It simultaneously produces a display of time-to-go for the next evolution of the start.
The prominent display is read more readily and precisely than an analog watch.

“Starter 2” also keeps track of the time interval since the last start.
It may be used to get finish or elapsed times of the racing boats.

It may be used to list finish times rapidly in succession when there is a bunched group at the finish.

It keeps record of the time of each start.

It may be set to Local time if necessary or synchronize with a finish timer.

Starter 2 teaches the novice timer the proper calls to make throughout the starting sequence

There are complete help notes including useful tips to avoid a discharged computer battery.

Starter 2 should be used only where it is protected from spray or rain.

Starter 2 may be downloaded without charge.
It comes as a “.zip” file which may be expanded to two separate files: “Setup.exe” and “Starter2Data.msi”.
Launch “Setup.exe” to install Starter 2.


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