Features of St. Pete Scorer

Uses standard Windows interface
Scores up to 26 classes in a single regatta
Number of boats and number of races practically unlimited
Automatic scoring according to: Low Point (RRS 2021-2024), Low Point Averaged, Snipe or Lightning Scoring Systems, or
Scores many other variations of Low or High Point Scoring, user selectable and user modifiable, (SPS 16)
Automatic Tie-Breaking
Displays and Prints Check-In Sheets, Entry Lists,Race Reports and Series (Regatta) Reports
Prints Mailing Labels

Displays and Prints scores of Racing Subgroups, such as Women or Masters
Schedules, Assigns and Scores Racing with Divided Classes
St. Pete Scorer Provides for an Unlimited Number of Splits of Each Class
Optimist mode provides for Fleet affiliation of each boat.
Laser Masters mode provides for Age Group affiliation and race score handicaps.
Sorts Finishes in which Multiple Classes are Intermixed
Permits Odd-Even Scoring for radio-controlled yachts
Optionally, applies throwouts (dropped races) to subset of total races
Optionally, Calculates Average Redress Points
Accepts Registration from Spreadsheets
Generates reports in HTML for Web Publishing
User-friendly and intuitive
Helpful Help Notes
“Instruction Book” available to print
Helps Prevent Errors
Saves Time

Unsolicited Comments

August, 2006.
“Just wanted to let you know that I used your program for the first time ‘for real’ and scored the 100-boat fleet for the __________ Nationals last week.

“The scoring involved many of the features you have developed in the program as well as 2 ‘splits’.

“I found the program extremely user friendly and flexible for our needs at the regatta. I was able to post results quickly, and the formatting choices were more than adequate as the week progressed. The ability to send results daily to the website was also useful.

“Just thought you might like to hear from someone who is pleased with your program.”

September, 2006.
“I love your program. It is particularly good for our long series, especially when they have special rules that your program allows us to add or modify. There are so many other great features like alternative sail numbers to pick up those guys who don’t bother to change the numbers on their spinnaker, short numbers, etc., etc….

“Thanks for providing a huge service to sailboat racers.”

July, 2007
This is a great program that is a pleasure to use. I recommend this to anyone I can.

September 2008
“We had a good turn out, 230 boats…as usual, your software was excellent!! Thanks so much.”

June 2009
“I have been using St Pete since 2003, and consider it brilliant!!”

July, 2010
“I personally am in the second season of using your program and it is wonderful! It is easy to use and I have had many compliments on my ability to get the scores and updates out so quickly.”

July 2011

“… I scored the Laser NA’s this past week. I did three splits and used the partial that you wrote for…. I had no problems at all with the program. I was able to be back at my house by dinner time…”

July 2013

“I used St. Pete Scorer 15 in the 2013 world championship for the ………..windsurfing class. I had no difficulty nor program crash during the regatta. We had many infractions for which the program performed excellently using the “Sailboard Scoring 2013-2016″ scoring system. It worked great, at which the class representative was surprised and pleased. He praised St. Pete Scorer 15, as other programs do not have a scoring system developed for sailboards. He would like to thank you for developing a system for sailboards.”

Note: “Sailboard Scoring 2013-2016” is also available in St. Pete Scorer 14.