St. Pete Scorer 19

Version 19 of the St. Pete Scorer program is available for user upgrade. This page will outline the new capabilities and will provide instructions on how to use the new features.

When St. Pete Scorer was created, the normal procedure was to print the race results on paper and post the paper on a wall for competitors to view. As time has gone by, competitors still like viewing results posted on a wall, but increasingly they want to also see results electronically. This shift has placed a burden on scorers as they try to sort thru the computer requirements to move result files from computers to websites on the Internet. Most of us would rather be out sailing than hacking thru tech articles trying to figure out computer gobbledygook like ftp, links, href, permissions, iframes, etc.

Version 19 of St. Pete Scorer gives scorers a simple button on the series report screen that will post your series report for you automatically to The results will be assembled automatically onto a page dedicated to your club. This new service is simple to use, it is free, and can also be optionally customized by the more computer savvy scorers. Additionally, there is no recurring cost for using this service. Since it is free, the cost will not go up when you have more competitors or series.

Please use the menu at the top of this page to look at “posted_scores” or click here to view series reports posted by other clubs. You will see that each club has its own page. The time and date of each series report is shown and an indicator highlighting recent reports is provided.

Below is a screen capture of the version 19 series report form.

Note the button at the bottom of the screen labeled “Post to” . The button turns from red to green after a series report is produced and you have selected “save as HTML” from the menu. All you have to do at this point is press the button and St. Pete Scorer will gather the necessary information and open a second form that lets you control how the report is posted. That second form looks like this:

Each club posting to gets its own page. To support this, the name of your club needs to be included when the report is sent to the website. This form will remember all the details from the previous time that your report was posted. Generally, you will only need to press the “post to website” button in the upper right each time you post a report. This is simple to use and no special computer jargon needed.

If your club has its own website you might like to use this free service and integrate the reports on so they look like they are a part of your website. We have provided the computer code to allow you to customize the interface. Look at the form in the picture above. Note that on the lower left is a textbox labeled “HTML link for a series”. You can copy the html code in the box and paste that code into your website. Doing that will create a link on your website directly to that series report. Alternatively if you would like to connect your users to your page showing all of your series on you can use the textbox labeled “HTML link for all series”. Pasting that code into your website will transfer your users to the page on with all of your series reports. We anticipate that customizing your website like this will require some computer website construction expertise. The good news is that you will only have to do this one time and it will automatically update each time you post new series reports. If you are have any difficulties doing this connection, let us know and we will be happy to help.

St. Pete Scorer 16 has been very stable. We hear very few complaints about the code. As we considered changes you might want in a new version we concluded that you value the stability of the existing SPS16 program. We adopted the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. The only changes we made to the existing SPS16 scoring modules were necessary minor fixes. As a result your old data files will work seamlessly with St Pete Scorer 19. Upgrades to the new version should be painless.