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Payment is made through STRIPE, a secure, reputable service.
After payment you will download a “.zip” file which contains the installation file.
Run that “Zip” file to find the installation file.

The installation file name is similar to “SPS19_1_1.
exe” but the numbers may be different..
Launch this file to install St.Pete Scorer 21.
If you get a message ,”…to make changes…”, Choose “Yes”.
If you get a message, “…keep this file?”, Choose “Yes”
If you get a message, “…error while registering TEMPMGR.dll”, Choose “Ignore”

St. Pete Scorer is sold “As Is”. It is recognized that perfection is hardly possible and that almost all software contains errors. Although an effort has been made to permit the program to score One-Design sailboat regattas, we cannot assure that the program will suit your purpose. It is the duty of the user to assure himself that the program runs properly on his computer using the “Trial Version”, prior to any payment. It is the duty of the scorekeeper to inform himself of the use of the features of the program and to verify the accuracy of the results. We strive to correct any error found in the program. Please Contact Us.

The author will give reasonable help by e-mail to registered users of the program, but there may be times when he is unavailable. There are “Help” notes and a printable “Instruction Book”. In no case will there be any restitution greater than refund of money paid.

The purchase is valid for a single download, and does not include any later upgrades.

St. Pete Scorer may not run on Mactintosh computers, even those with Windows installed.



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St. Pete Scorer 21

St. Pete Scorer