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CLYC2021Wood Pussy Season 07/22/21 08:01:15 am
CLYC2021Wood Pussy June Series 06/25/21 05:49:28 pm
CLYC2021E Scow Spring Regatta 06/21/21 12:45:32 pm
CLYC2021MC Scow Spring Regatta 06/21/21 07:44:00 pm
CLYC2021Jr Butterfly June Series 06/29/21 12:14:50 pm
CLYC2021Jr Butterfly Seasons 07/23/21 03:20:47 pm
CLYC2021MC Mid-Week Series 06/23/21 09:39:17 am
CLYC2021E Scow Seasons 07/18/21 10:20:00 am
CLYC2021MC Scow Seasons Series 07/18/21 10:29:06 am
CLYC2021Open Butterfly Firecracker Regatta 06/29/21 03:43:28 pm
CLYC2021Wood Pussy 4th of July Re07/02/21 06:42:33 pm
CLYC2021Brian Greene Memorial Regatta 07/05/21 10:15:33 am
CLYC2021Jr Butterfly July Series 07/23/21 03:31:20 pm
CLYC2021MC Scow 4th of July Regat07/03/21 05:53:31 pm
CLYC2021E Scow 4th of July Regatt07/05/21 10:26:24 am
CLYC2021C Scow 4th of July Regatt07/03/21 06:13:03 pm
CLYC2021Open Butterfly 07/09/21 11:54:23 am
CLYC2021Wood Pussy July Series 07/22/21 07:59:54 am
CLYC2021C Scow Season Series 07/11/21 08:33:36 pm
CLYC2021Jr Fleet Outlet and Back 07/23/21 03:13:53 pm

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